Spiral Restaurant

A-ha! I believe that I have put off writing about Destination #3 long enough. You see, I’ve been bugging my daughter to write her piece about it too as I wasn’t able to join her on her third adventure.

My mom, who is a retired teacher, got invited by some of her former students to join them in a get-together dinner somewhere. Mom doesn’t like going out alone anymore so she brought my daughter along. Since it’s something both have never experienced before, I suggested to my daughter to make this her third adventure.

Sofitel Hotel Manila

Destination #3 is Spiral Restaurant located at the Sofitel Hotel Manila. I’ve been there once before. That was quite a long time ago. The buffet served at Spiral is pretty well known, albeit a little too expensive for the average Jane. I’m not much of an eater so I hardly enjoy buffet lunches or dinners.

Spiral stairs

You can visit Spiral website for more information and photos. 

Here’s what my daughter writes about her adventure…

“As a brief introduction, Spiral is a restaurant in Sofitel Hotel, meaning it’s not just your “average diner”. Even though I already noted this in the back of my subconscious mind, I couldn’t help but still be left amazed by the vastness of the place with all the multinational cuisines featured! (Yum! Yum!) Although I did forget to take a picture of my plate of food, I certainly kept in mind to take a pic of my plate of desserts! (Tried each of the Chocolate Fountains…. it was “Chocolate Heaven”!)

chocolate fountains

In the end I was quite satisfied with my meal, and I certainly would come back for more if I can. Next time though, so watch out Spiral! I’ll be coming back for more! *Gobble!*”


I wouldn’t be surprised she would get a bit overwhelmed. It was the sort of experience I also had the last time. There were just too many choices that one could end up being too full. Well, there went another adventure day… this time featuring lotsa food!

I hope that I will be at the next adventure day! 3 down… 15 to go… Till next time… ta-tah!

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