Destination #2 is Game Zoo at Resorts World Manila (RWM). We signed up for a free RWM membership last week at Lucky Chinatown Mall, a mall that is within walking distance from where I live. RWM membership is required in order to enjoy the FREE shuttle service offered from LCMall to RWM site. This is major convenience esp. for those who don’t have their own cars.

Game Zoo RWM

My daughter decided that she wanted to check out Game Zoo and try out the 4-D and 6-D adventure rides being offered there! The rides are pretty affordable so we scheduled our visit yesterday.

It was our first time to try the free shuttle service. We almost got discouraged as we learned that you would need to sign up earlier as there are a number of people who also avail of this service and there are only 10 passengers per ride. There’s a ride every 30 minutes and you will need to be patient in waiting.

Free Shuttle Service LCMall to RWM

We missed the 3:40 pm ride and the next ones at 4:10 pm and 4:40 pm were full. We were informed that we would be listed for the 5:10 pm ride. So we decided to go to Red Mango located at the 4/F of LCMall. The snack was really good and we’re quite happy. We rushed to the shuttle station by 5:05 pm but learned that it was FULL! Arrgghh! Bea was a bit pissed but I remained cool and quietly agreed to wait for the 5:40 pm ride instead. Ugghh! The day almost became a major disaster indeed!

Resorts World Manila

RWM is a bit posh. I found the place rather intimidating at the onset as it seemed to cater more to the upper class level. But we were determined to have fun so we just went right on to enjoy the adventure rides at Game Zoo. Personally, I liked the 4-D ride better. It just seemed more scary and fun at the same time. I still have mixed reactions about the 6-D ride. It was okay but I won’t be too excited to do it again anytime soon.

Newport Mall

Also, we got our permanent membership cards and I have yet to learn more about the benefits and privileges. There’s still next time I guess. We can always try out the hotels located in RWM complex. And that can be listed as another destination.. woohoo! Well, we had fun with yesterday’s adventure. 2 destinations done… 16 more to go! Till next time… have a great week ahead! Ta-tah! 😀

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