Flashback Friday. Destination #12 was Skydome at SM City North Edsa. The event … Just Delivered Jeans of SM Men’s Fashion. The highlights … models Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muraoka, Fabio Ide, Rafael Do Prado, among others.

Skydome SM City North Edsa

2013 was truly an exciting year. My daughter and I came up with her 18 destination adventures to celebrate her 18th year. This fashion show event happened way back in August 2013 and it’s included in her 18 destinations list.

SM Men's Fashion

The weather was at odds that day. We almost didn’t make it to the event as SM City North Edsa wasn’t exactly that near to us. However, we were just glad that we made it anyway.

Skydome stage

It was still a bit early when we got there. The stage was set and the crowd was waiting. Primary objective was to enjoy the fashion show and take some good photos, esp. of Daniel Matsunaga, whom I admired on TV series TV5 Misibis Bay. It would be my first time to see him in person too.

Daniel Matsunaga

I’ve got to give credit to SM Management for a well-organized event. Marshalls were effective in crowd control too. Bianca Valerio was a fun and entertaining host. Plus, we discovered that DJ Samir was pretty cute. Bea even had a photo taken with him!

Hideo Muraoka & Fabio Ide

The event featured men’s fashion, but the male models were such eye candies for the ladies. The great part was the meet and greet after the event. We just lined up to get our chance to have photos taken with the featured male models. I’m super happy to have had my photo taken with Daniel Matsunaga! Yey! 😀

Daniel Matsunaga & Rafael Do Prado

Destination #12 was a success! Six more to go… with five more waiting to be drafted and posted. Till next time… ta-tah!

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