Very late post… that’s what I call this. Yup! The family weekend adventure happened way back in April of this year. You see my brother was using a voucher from his hotel membership that was almost expiring. We’re lucky to tag along to enjoy this overnight hotel stay.

Mandarin Hotel lobby

Destination #4 is Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati City. Technically, it’s not an out of town adventure. The hotel is just located in another part of Metro Manila, approximately an hour and a half away.

The experience is new for me and my daughter as we’ve never stayed at said hotel, so we thought we might as well include it in her dream list.

Mandarin Hotel suite

My brother paid a small additional fee to have the complimentary room upgraded to a suite. We got to stay on the 12th floor. (I love rooms on higher floors.) Our room, however, didn’t have much of a window view. I liked the bathroom, but the room itself isn’t as big as we expected. Nonetheless, we found a comfortable space to camp in.

Mandarin Hotel pool area

The pool is totally awesome. The water was just right — lukewarm not too cold — even though it rained hard before we could even take a dip in the pool. It made the swimming experience totally enjoyable.

Paseo Uno buffet

We enjoyed the dinner buffet at Paseo Uno.. again thanks to a voucher. I don’t usually fancy eating a lot, so I opted for a seafood dinner. I certainly left enough room for desserts! 😀

Paseo Uno buffet desserts

The following morning, my daughter and I trekked to the nearest mall before check out time. Overall, it’s a fun weekend experience! I hope that we get to do it again really soon! 🙂 4 done… 14 to go!

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