#Throwback. How fast time flies! It’s been almost a year since my daughter and I started her 18 destinations journey last year. You see, it’s her 18th year and instead of splurging it all on a one-night celebration, she opted to visit and experience 18 different adventures.

It was a pretty wise choice, I’d say, but when we started it last year I was wondering how we could pull it off. With a lot of prayers, the belief that we could somehow complete it within a year, and a little creativity, I’m now posting Destination #16. I must say it’s my favorite destination too.

Hotel H2O

So my daughter received an invitation last year for the debut party of one of her high school classmates. The party was to be held at Liquid Bar — a pool and lounge located next to Hotel H2O in Manila.

Liquid Bar and Pool Lounge

I have checked out the hotel website and thought the hotel was really classy. The rates somehow confirm it. However, when you book online and reserve in advance, you’ll have a chance of getting lower rates. That’s exactly what we did.

It was nearing Christmas that time so the hotel and the surrounding areas including the Ocean Park Adventure were filled with nice-looking Christmas lights and decor. There was a huge two-storey Christmas tree right in the middle of the facade. But the lights at the ground floor lobby area fascinated me the most.

Hotel H2O ground floor lobby

We booked a room facing the park area as that was cheaper, but upon checking in, we got an upgrade to a bay view area room. Wow! Now that’s my dream room! I especially loved the sunset view from our window.

Hotel H2O Bay View Room

One of the down side of having a room facing the bay was the long walk across the corridor. We even had to do some turns before reaching our room. Nonetheless, the view is well worth the long walk.

Hotel H2O hallway

We were welcomed in the room by a personalized greeting that was flashed on the big TV screen. Plus, the compliments were really cool! More than being a party night for my daughter, I knew I would enjoy my “me” time in the room.

Hotel H2O complimentary treats

White, black, or blue was the motif for party guests. My daughter opted for a blue dress. Come to think of it, her dress looked like a short version of Cinderella’s gown. Amazing indeed! 😀

blue cocktail dress

We trekked to the nearest mall to have her hair styled. Then I worked on her make up back at the hotel. So glad we had more than enough time before I escorted her to the party. Then it was alone time for me for a couple of hours. Yey!

I do so love the bonding moments we have during these adventures. When she came up in the room at past midnight, we even chatted a bit and went down to the coffee shop at the ground floor for a night cap. We slept late but had to wake up in time for breakfast the following morning.


Destination #16 was Hotel H2O and Liquid Bar. It was an enjoyable and memorable weekend with my daughter! Two more to go… with one more waiting to be drafted. Till next post… ta-tah!

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