Great Eastern Hotel

Destination #9 was Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City. You see my daughter was invited to attend a classmate’s debut party. My daughter turned 18 in the same month but she decided to forego having a one-night party for the 18 destinations that we have planned.

Of course, if we had more budget, we’d have done with all the 18 destinations now. As it is, we get to have breaks in between so we could somehow save up for the next destination.

8th floor wing

To enjoy the debut party, we decided to check in at the same hotel so we won’t worry about going home late at night. Plus, it’s like a treat for us both, esp. my daughter… a belated birthday gift to her. The room rate was quite affordable but it did not come with breakfast.

8th floor view

Our room was in the old wing but in the topmost floor there — 8th floor. There was a bridge way connecting it to the new wing that we got to explore a bit too. I had a grand time taking some photos around the hotel.

Twin Room

Aside from our weekend bonding, I enjoyed a few hours of “me” time esp. during dinner time when my daughter was at the party. I decided to have my dinner at the hotel coffee shop — Cafe de Chine. What I like about it, there’s strong wi-fi at the coffee shop! 😀 None in the room though… boohoo!

My daughter looked great that night and she had fun at the party. That’s the important thing. If you’re ever in the vicinity of Quezon City, you can check out Great Eastern Hotel should you need an overnight accommodation. 9 destinations done… 9 more to go! WooHoo! Watch out for the next destination post!

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