Since I have acquired my digital camera a year ago, I have become totally interested in taking and sharing lots of photos. And so, back in August when the 2013 Miracle Art Exhibition opened at the 3/F of the Lucky Chinatown Mall, my daughter listed that as one of her 18 destinations.

2013 Miracle Art Exhibition

Since it was also the first time that we’re going to experience 4D art, I was just as excited to try it. The 2013 Miracle Art Exhibition then became destination #10.

Art Fantasy Hall

The place itself has been divided into different halls or sections. Each one has a theme. Most, if not all, have really fun and interesting themes. I will be sharing some of the photos we’ve taken, but the rest of our photos can be found on Instagram .. search for #2013MiracleArtExhibition.

4D art photography

The Art Fantasy Hall has fantastic art pieces. We even posed in one like we were going down the drain. LOL! 😀 There’s the Art Cinema Hall where you can pose with King Kong or the T-rex from Jurassic Park.

4D art photography

Then there’s a hall with popular movie characters like in one where we posed with a frame where it seemed that Iron Man was flying out of it. It was totally fun to pose and act out on each of the photos.

4D art photography

We even posed like we were running away from a tsunami that hit the city. Whew! Am I glad it was just 4D art! We had lots of fun posing and having our photos taken. The staff was kind enough to follow us through and assist with taking our photos.

If you haven’t tried visiting 4D art, you really shouldn’t miss it! The 2013 Miracle Art Exhibition is still open at the 3/F of the Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila. Check it out!

Destination #10 is done. Now there are 8 more to go… stay tuned for more posts soon! 😀

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