Well, as you all know, coming up with a blog topic isn’t that easy. Sure, you can just come up with anything and post for the sake of it. Without quality, your site won’t have regular and mainstay readers. That won’t make blogging fun though.

I don’t know but perhaps it’s the teacher in me or maybe I’m just a “talkative” person with lots of opinions about anything and everything. I love discussions, esp. those centered about really deep and profound topics. It can be quite tiring if done daily. After all, we should also enjoy the lighter side of life. 😀

Energize Your Blog

So you want to be a regular blogger but you don’t know how? Here’s a short list for you to consider. Some topics may not be for the faint hearted. Just choose topics you are comfortable talking about. You should be okay. 😀

1. Exposes

People get curious and love to read this stuff. LOL! 😀

2. Security & Exploits

This is not limited to tech blogs alone. I remember having encountered a malware once and had quite a hard time removing it. I’ve searched everywhere but nothing worked. Used a little technique here and there that I learned from my tech support days. I finally removed it and wrote a hubpage to outline the details.

3. Scandals

Another topic that people love to read about are scandals, although most won’t admit it. LOL :p Try writing positively about it. Talk about lessons learned and be objective in your post.

4. Greed & Ethics

It happens everywhere. But don’t highlight the bad guys here. Talk about how it could have been handled differently. If there are heroes in the situations, mention and laud them for their acts.

5. Poverty

I would suggest this topic for those who are committed to this type of advocacy. Perhaps you’re a member of an organization fighting to eradicate the world of poverty. You can spread your crusade to get more people to join your cause.

6. Environment

Have passion for saving Mother Earth? Get out and do it! Spread the cause through your blog. But don’t rant and rave. Instead come up with examples of how people can help save the environment. Show people how you do yours and track them. Then challenge others to do the same.

7. Brands

Are you a follower of any specific brand? This draws a lot of traffic as people sometimes get online to research more about a brand they saw on an ad or magazine.

8. Product launches and store openings

I bet the launching of iPad drew a lot of traffic for people who maintained blogs about them. Then came iPad2 and pretty sure those mentioned blogs received renewed interest once more. You could localize this one and do it for your community, town, or city.

9. Top movies or TV shows

Movie reviews would be good topic if you’re a movie buff. The same thing with TV shows. That’s how I get information about my favorite TV show Supernatural. I get online and read from Supernatural dedicated sites. LOL 😀

10. Humor

You can share funny moments, funny lines, bloopers, etc. Although humor doesn’t come easy to everyone, you can borrow someone else’s story.

11. Emotional

You can share heartwarming stories or make videos that can move people. Sometimes we get too busy that we need to read or view videos that lift us up, give us encouragement, or inspire us. When something we’ve read or watched made us feel good, we tend to share them and then it gets viral.

12. Saving money

If you’re a thrifty person, you may want to share some tips on how to save more money. A lot of people need and want to know more about ways of doing so. Make a “thrift corner” blog teaching your readers on how to recycle old stuff. It should be fun right?

Credits to BlogEnergizer.com for the list, but I made my own explanations. 😀

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