Yup! You read it right.. 101 List Building Tips. But since 101 tips will be a bit too long to do in one sitting, I will instead turn it into a blog series. Before starting on my post, I just want you to know that this is inspired by Moms Talk Biz. I recently came by a free PDF for attending a webinar on listbuilding.

Do you have a list? How big is your list?These are two fundamental questions that every online marketer needs to answer. If your answer to these questions was “no” and “zero,” then it would be a good idea to focus on building a list first. And even if you do have a list already, I’m pretty sure there’s still room for more.

It is important to read up more on how to build a list, but just as crucial is putting what you’ve read into action. Apply one tip per day and I’m sure all will be okay. So let’s start…

Why Build A List?

They say that if you’ve built a list, you have somehow “Google-proof” your income. Well, having a list will be your ticket to earning the income you’ve dreamed of. You won’t need to worry much about SEO or getting on the first page of any search engines.

Tip #1 — Build Your Own Business

Effective advertising and search engine traffic can work hand in hand with having a list. By having a list, you are building your own business on solid foundation.

Having a list is something you can control at all times. You can control the size of your list, your relationship with members of your list, and even how much potential and actual income you may have from your list.

Since this is the first step, focus on it. Work on how you’re going to build your own business. Write down some ideas. Set up some goals. Come back for more tips.

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