Tip #20 — Split Test for the Perfect Balance

To achieve best results from your ad campaigns, you will want to split test messages you send out. I suppose you can say we all do that or should do that in order to increase the desired response from our list. Try to tweak a few things at a time to know more on what makes your campaign more effective. A good autoresponder company will provide you with the information and tools you need to split test. If not, you can do this manually by sending slightly changed emails alternately.

Tip #21 — Consider the 3-to-1 Formula

Some top marketers use a popular formula in sending emails. This is known as the “3-to-1 formula.” It is simply about the ratio of sending 3 relationship building emails to every 1 sales email. You may want to use this formula in your list building. It is helpful in building relationships while at the same time pitching your product.

Here’s an example:

For your first email, focus on offering quality information and building a relationship. You can add a soft pitch for the second email. In your third email, you can sell a little harder. You can then blatantly promote your product in your fourth email.

You can adapt this system if you feel the need to be working with a system or you can eventually come up with what works for you best.

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