Tip #18 — Carefully Craft Your First Message

First impressions count. Your first message should not contain a sales pitch or anything similar to that. After all, you do want to start your relationship with your list on the right note. Be warm, open, and friendly. Also, add an item or two of value like a special bonus or surprise for free. This helps establish a positive association with your messages and increases the chance of open rates of your emails.

Tip # 19 — Decide When to Make Your First Sales Pitch

If your list isn’t designed to offer a coupon or a special product, then I would suggest holding off the sales pitches until several emails down the line.

If your list members signed up to get some valuable information, they may not like getting pitched right away. Instead, offer valuable information first, then do the sales pitches later on when you have built rapport with your list. You need to think about the relationship first and the money later.

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