Tip #9 — Build a Relationship First, Think of Money Later

I’ve been a part of a few lists before I came up with my own email series. Based on experience, I had to unsubscribe from some of them because all I get are pitching mails one after the other, not exactly what I need or what I’m looking for. There are some email lists that I like though, because they provided value like shared some helpful articles, promo codes, or even free e-books.

Relationship building is even more important in online marketing. Thousands come online daily with the hopes of earning extra income. When you’re a newbie, you sometimes don’t know where to start. I know the feeling because I was a newbie once too. That’s also one reason why I decided to come up with my own email series. I’m looking for one that would share helpful tips and insights that could lead me to opportunities I was seeking.

Think Know-Like-Trust when you’re building a list. Provide the relationship first, the money will come later.

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