Tip #7 — Don’t Spam People

Spamming is sending unsolicited emails to people. It is actually against the law. There is a spam law that states that you must make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your list (this is a link found at the bottom of your email to them).

Spamming doesn’ t do anyone any good. If people didn’t subscribe to your list, they won’t bother paying attention to what you’ve sent them in mail. Worse, your email could be marked under spam. Try not to be a spammer as you will suffer in the long run. If you’re truly serious about Internet marketing, you would abide by the right way of doing things. Besides, if you’re marketing something of true value, why would you need to spam other people?

List-building takes a little while, even when you’re being competitive and doing your very best. My email series is packed with content and contains links to free resources, but I’m still slowly building it up. I guess I need to work more on quality squeeze pages so people would take notice and join.

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