Tip #5 — Use List Building to Grow Your Income

Having a list is important to all online marketers. This “list” will be the main focus of your work online. As previously mentioned, repeat customers are more than likely to happen. This holds true for offline transactions. Online work isn’t any different. If you have built a good working relationship with people on your list, they are more likely to follow you into future programs or acknowledge your recommendations for tools that would greatly benefit them in their work.

When you come up with your own product, your “list” would be the very first people you would share it with. Work on continually building good relations with people on your list and you’ll see positive results in the days, weeks, and years to come. Another good tip is help your downlines succeed. Their success will translate to your success too.

Next part of the list building tips will be on List Building Do’s and Don’ts. Come back to read more. 😀

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