Part VIII : Where to Put Your Opt-In Form

In the past sections, you’ve learned about the technical aspects of setting up an autoresponder and some advanced copywriting techniques. Now it is time to put them into action. How do you do that? You will need a page where you can add your opt-in form so that potential customers can signup for whatever you are offering.

Tip #43 — Make the Signup Form Clearly Visible

You need to make sure that your opt-in form on your website is clearly visible. It is preferable that you place them above the fold.>

What does that mean? Simply put, place it on the area where visitors to your site see it right away upon landing on your page. There are times when website visitors do not bother scrolling down unless they are looking for something in particular.

You want to make sure it is there at the top. Make it stand out so people see it right away.

If your opt-in form is on a squeeze page (for placing at traffic exchanges), the same rule applies. Make sure it is right where the reader’s eyes will fall.

Try adding moving or pointing arrows to your opt-in form. This is also another way of attracting attention. But the most effective form is when you provide high quality content. With this, people will surely find it hard to pass up.

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