Tip #38 — Use Reciprocity


It is important that you build a good working relationship with your list. The reason isĀ  quite simple. If you do something nice for people, it is natural that they want to reciprocate and do something nice for you too.


Give people in your list a gift, and they may feel a sense of obligation to purchase from you.


Tip #39 — Offer Social Proof


Sometimes people don’t want to jump in and buy an offer right away. Offering social proof is an amazing way to boost your sales.


You can add social proof in the following ways :


* Include actual figures when talking about results.


* Include case studies or add before and after photos or videos.


* Include some testimonials from people who have purchased and used your product.


Seeing proofs that other people have purchased and enjoyed the product will increase the likelihood that they will buy it too.


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