Part VII — Advanced Copywriting Techniques


If you’ve followed this series, in the previous sections, I’ve written about list building basics, including do’s and don’t’s, creating autoresponder messages, building relationships, and making money with your list.


This part will have seven sub-sections on advanced copywriting techniques. These are time-proven methods that can help increase your profits substantially. Use them ethically and responsibly.


Tip #36 : Create Scarcity


If you’ve been in online marketing for some time, I’m sure you’ve encountered this in a few or most programs. Creating scarcity is one of the ways to make money as quickly as possible. Some examples include limited OTOs (one–time offers), limited exclusive offers, etc.


The principle behind this is to encourage people to upgrade or purchase right away so they won’t be missing out.


You can also:


* allow only a certain number of products to be sold.


* (for affiliates) limit the number of bonuses included in the offer.


* offer a product at a very low price at the onset, with prices increasing at some point in the near future.


Note : Be truthful when presenting scarce offers, or it can make you look dishonest which is something to avoid.


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