This part tackles on how to make money with your list. I’m sure that this is your ultimate goal as well. Do follow the series to learn more about this part.

Tip #31 — Promote Affiliate Products

One good way to make money with your list is by promoting affiliate products. No matter what niche you are in, it is possible to seek relevant products — such as information products, physical products, or services — that people will respond to. Make sure you check out the product yourself first before making any recommendations.

Avoid the mistake of promoting something just because it gives you a huge commission. Sure, we’re doing what we do to earn additional income. But you can hand-select the programs that you and your members can actually use. Promote only the ones that you won’t hesitate putting your stamp of approval on.

One good tip : When in doubt, DON’T promote.

One example is…

Mom’s Talk Biz

or this…

Become a Blog Consultant

There are of course many more examples. Do your research. Attend webinars. Find out more about the products or programs before trying them out.

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