Tip #27 — Showcase Yourself As An Expert

You have valid reasons for coming up with your list. Often times, you do so because you want to provide valuable information that you have gathered along the way as an online marketer. This is my primary reason for coming up with my own email series.

A valuable advice I would give is to keep growing and learning. Constantly seek new avenues of learning and try to absorb as much as you can. Then take action by implementing what you’ve learned. Taking small steps on a daily basis beats sitting around and waiting for the next big thing to come along.

Showcasing yourself as an expert doesn’t mean you need to be “cocky” or to give out false information. Remember that you are building a relationship with your list. Surely, you wouldn’t want to share misleading or false information in the process. Do keep in mind the best interest of your members. Your relationship with your list will grow stronger as you share your expert strategies, tips, and tricks to help your members.

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