It is important to build a good working relationship with members of your list. It isn’t easy, of course, because you are competing with other marketers out there. Most times you need to stay ahead of competition. Building a relationship and gaining the trust of your members is better for you in the long term.

Tip #26 — Keep the Long-Term Results in Your Mind

If you have been a member of other lists, you might have noticed the regular pitching happening in those lists. I know ‘coz I eventually have to unsubscribe from some of them ‘coz I get mostly sales pitches that do not really offer much value.

Keep in mind that before you send out your message, always think about the long-term effects of it. Try not to promote anything that promises quick buck but doesn’t last. This could backfire and you’ll lose much of your credibility. Before you promote affiliate programs, make sure you have tested them out. Making a review of the program also helps. Remember to think of the best interest of your members.

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