Tip #23 — Focus On The Subject Line

I must admit this is one area that I also need to work on. Attention grabbing headlines are indeed very important as they’re the first things that your readers see. If they’re not enticed enough, they might not even click on your email.

Sending out solo ads via safelist programs is one way of advertising and promoting your ad campaigns. You can imagine the tons of mails that are generated by these sites on a daily basis. Yes, members do click-through them esp. if they’re in need of credits so that they too can send out their own ads. It is then imperative that you write killer subject lines. This helps in getting your mails opened.

I’ve been actively promoting my text ad exchange Winning Solos via safelist programs these past weeks. Although I’ve sent out the same ad campaigns at least twice, I’ve just made some revisions. I must say that trial and error does come in esp. when you’re testing out what works and what doesn’t. I’m just glad that I get to use and apply the tips that I learn from all my readings.

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