Tip #17 — Think About How Often You Should Send Messages

This was actually one of my main concerns before I decided to jump right in and come up with my own email series. I mean, I have subscribed to quite a few already, and most would run from seven to around a dozen emails or so. Some would send broadcast messages from time to time whenever a new program comes out.

There isn’t one correct answer as to how many messages you should send and how often. It depends on your niche, the relationship you have with your members, and what kind of information you share.

I mean, if your email series contains valuable information, I’m sure your subscribers wouldn’t mind receiving them as often as possible. If the list is more focused on sales pitches, people probably expect to receive them less often. I personally had to unsubscribe from some of my sign-ups as they’re sending me pitch after pitch and it got on my nerves. LOL! 😀

One suggestion is to have one autoresponder message sent per week, with a broadcast message sent in between for special mailings.

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