Tip #13 — Sign Up with a Good Autoresponder Company

An autoresponder allows you to store your e-mail leads, gives you your opt-in form code, sends your autoresponder message, and tracks how many of your readers opened and read the emails. It is one of the most important and essential tools that an online marketer needs. Yes, all marketers, esp. the gurus, use autoresponder.

You need a reliable autoresponder company as much as you need a reliable hosting company. You want to make sure that your emails will be delivered to your leads without trouble of landing on spam. You also don’t want to be blacklisted as a spammer.

I personally joined a team build before to grow my old autoresponder account. I kept theĀ  account for a year before finally giving up. One piece of advice, know and define your budget before signing up for anything that costs money. Plus, don’t be lured by the promise of guaranteed referrals by the team. It doesn’t work! Believe me, I’ve tried it!

I haven’t used free autoresponder services and at this point would not recommend them. Your leads list is truly important. I wouldn’t personally entrust it to a free service company. What I do use is the autoresponder service that comes with my GVO Host Then Profits account called e-Responder Pro.

eResponder Pro Features
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