Before I proceed to another section on list-building tips, here is another summary to the two sections previously featured here:

Part VI : How To Make Money with Your List


Tip #31 — Promote Affiliate Products

Tip #32 — Promote Your Own Products

Tip #33 — Presell the Product

Tip #34 — Create Special Offers

Tip #35 — Don’t Be Afraid to Change Out Products Over Time


Part VII : Advanced Copywriting Techniques


Tip #36 — Create Scarcity

Tip #37 — Give a Reason

Tip #38 — Use Reciprocity

Tip #39 — Offer Social Proof

Tip #40 — Focus on Their Emotions

Tip #41 — Use Contrasting Prices

Tip #42 — Give People a Reason To Trust You


I suggest that you go through each of the processes carefully and apply what you can to your own list building process.


The next section to be featured will be on “Where to Put Your Opt-in Form.” In the past sections, you learned about what to write and how. Plus, you learned about the technical aspects of setting up your autoresponder. So the next part will be on how to get people to sign up to your list. Watch out for it! 😀

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