Part IV : Writing Money-Making Autoresponder Messages


Tip #21 — Consider the 3-to-1 Formula


Tip #22 — Study the Basics of Copywriting Before Getting Started


Tip #23 — Focus On The Subject Line


Tip #24 — Study Autoresponder E-mails That You’ve Responded To


Tip #25 — Consider The Length of Your E-mails


Part V : Relationship Building Secrets


Tip #26 — Keep The Long-Term Results In Your Mind


Tip #27 — Showcase Yourself As An Expert


Tip #28 — Show Your Members Real Results or Data


Tip #29 — Show Your Readers That You Care


Tip# 30 — Ask For Their Feedback


I strongly recommend that you click on each of the links for more details on each of the featured tips. I have added my own insights into each of them, so feel free to read through and give me your feedbacks.

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