In the previous summary, I featured List Building Tips #1 – #10. Here’s the second part of the summary. Feel free to click on each of the links, just like in the previous summary. The tips come with more insights from me. You are most welcome to give your insights and comments as well. I’d love to hear from you!

Part III : List Building Basics


Tip #11 — Choose A Good Domain Name


Tip #12 — Get Reliable Hosting

Tip #13 — Sign Up With A Good Autoresponder Company

Tip #14 — Always Get Permission


Tip #15 — Make List Building A Priority

Part IV : Writing Money-Making Autoresponder Messages

Tip #16 — Understand The Difference Between Follow-Up and Broadcast Messages

Tip #17 — Think About How Often You Should Send Messages

Tip #18 — Carefully Craft Your First Message

Tip #19 — Decide When To Make Your First Sales Pitch

Tip #20 — Split Test For The Perfect Balance

(to be continued…)

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