If you’re totally new to list building, then this part will help you out a lot. It’s important to set up your list building campaign right from the start. You want to build a list of responsive individuals so you need to plan ahead and use the right tools to make sure your efforts won’t go to waste.

Tip #11 — Choose A Good Domain Name

You need to choose a trustworthy domain name for your site. Most Internet marketers I know would have it in their names. I chose that too in order to additionally brand myself in my marketing efforts. Others, however, choose keyword enriched domain names in order to rank higher in search engine results.

So why do you need your own site? Your domain name (your site) is your address on the Internet. You want to refer people to where they can know more about you, your product and services. Your site will need an opt-in form — this is where people sign up with their email addresses to get site updates or newsletters from you. You can also add your opt-in form in several different places where you promote, e.g. traffic exchanges, safelists or mailers, text ad exchanges, etc.

Here are some tips when choosing a domain name. Choose one that…

1. ends with .com or .org (preferably not .biz or .info)

2. has no numbers, if possible.

3. is easy to spell.

4. is short.

5. is not hyphenated.

Some may not agree with the pointers given, but these are just guidelines. Ultimately, you’d want to do some research before you finally make a choice.

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