Tip #6 — Don’t Buy Leads

Buying leads is a waste of money. It’s true that when you’re new to list building, getting people to sign-up to your list can be quite challenging. Buying leads sounds tempting. But this alone will not guarantee that you will get a responsive list.

When you buy leads, the people in the list most likely haven’t heard of you and most of them would probably not want to hear from you at all. When you’re building a list, you want a list of people that you can interact with and chat with. You would want a responsive list of people who would read your emails and be interested in what you are sharing with them.

Often times, people who sign-up for your list aren’t responsive. At times, they’re only interested in what you have to offer for free. It can be disheartening indeed, but at least they signed-up for your list voluntarily. Just keep on building good working relations with them, and hopefully, they will turn into repeat customers in the near future.

More list-building do’s and don’ts tips next post so keep coming back to read.

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