I’d like to thank my good friend John Harding for his encouragement and support in letting me take over one of his sites — Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. I will admit that this is another challenge for me, but I’m totally willing to learn on the job, so to speak.  


A text ad exchange is a way to gain traffic for your website or affiliate link. There are thousands of text ad exchanges on the Internet, and most are free to join. Upgrades are available and would provide you with more credits and/or points to use to advertise your business. Since text ad exchanges are usually points based, you gain points for logging in, clicking on a daily bonus ad, reading solo ad mails, clicking on banners or other links within the site.

You normally don’t spend as much time on a text ad exchange site as you would on a traffic  exchange, although some text ad exchanges have the added feature of surfing for more points. Back to Winning Solos, I’m giving away 100 Free JV Upgrades to the first 100 active members who will join the site. I’m working on some splash pages at the moment for the all out promotion. Winning Solos offers solo ads, banner ads, button ads, login ads, among others. Do check out my site today!If you’re also interested in owning a text ad exchange, I would recommend Admin For Free. After all that is where Winning Solos is hosted.

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