I came across a company video presentation for a software company talking about a strategic business blueprint. I was in the process of cleaning up my mailbox then. I didn’t realize that I’ve had it for a while and have been putting off watching it. I decided to simply come up with a summary.

This is the first part about the 10 signs that indicate that you are stuck in your business — stuck, as in unable to grow or move ahead in any way. Although the list was presented to apply to small businesses, I believe that we could also use the same for every Internet marketer.

Urgent need for sales. You are pressured to make a conversion. It can be somewhat frustrating if after all your hard work, you are still unable to make a sale. Worst part is your bills are piling up.

Can’t seem to get ahead. Do you feel like you’re doing all you can but still not getting anywhere? Then you’re stumped because you don’t know what to do next.

Accepting business that comes. You’re ready to just grasp at anything that promises some quick buck so you’ll get back some of your spending.

What you’re doing isn’t working. You’re wasting all your time and effort but still not getting results. You’ve tried a few different options but nothing seems to work.

Feeling of no control. Sometimes all of the above plus this happen all together. There’s a certain feeling of helplessness of not knowing where to go to next.

Too much stuff in your head. Feeling helpless does add up to the stuff in your head. You start getting negative vibes that worsen the situation.

Temptation to get a job. You sometimes wonder whether you should just throw in the towel, quit your dream, and go find a job. At times, it seems easier to choose this path.

Lost sight of your vision. You tend to forget why you’re doing it in the first place. Your dream to be your own boss seems so far away.

Lost belief that you can reach your goals. Helplessness, frustration, desperation… name it, you got it. You can’t spot the light at the end of the tunnel.

Doubt yourself. You don’t feel so sure anymore that you could still achieve your dream. You feel worthless and frustrated.

While it is true that there are those who easily give up more than others, you can’t dismiss the fact that newcomers in the field do experience one or all of the above at any time in their online career. It just seems so difficult at times to keep hanging on when you’re losing hope.

Although I may not qualify as an expert to give out advice, I can share my thoughts on the matter. Each situation is different and so to come up with a single solution may not be possible. What I would do is to slow down, step back, reflect and visualize what it is I want to achieve. Go back to the heart of the matter.. why you’re doing it and what do you want to accomplish. Identifying what you can or can’t do also helps. Then take it from there.

You’ll soon realize why companies have a vision and mission. Draft your own vision and mission too. Focus and give yourself positive affirmations every single day. I still stand by what I believe in… that every day is a brand new day, a chance to make a difference. 😀

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