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Milestone Updates – Mid-May 2016

Hey I’m back for some milestone updates. Yeah, I miss blogging on here. I’m too focused on other non-personal sites that I seldom share what I do personally. It’s a typical life.. I don’t really have anything exciting going on, but there are happenings worth noting every now and then.

Here I am for a bit of an overview of what’s coming. I will work on having an individual post for the items I will be mentioning below…

College Graduation

More than anything in the world, I’m a proud mom, as my bebe finally graduates this year from the Tertiary Level. Yey! Congratulations, bebeko! Mom is so proud of you!

Sagada Tour 2016

Another milestone is the Sagada Tour we booked a week after my bebe’s graduation. That’s another item off my bucket list indeed! It was one for the books. I will definitely be sharing more about the experience so please bear with me for the delays. Life has a habit of getting in the way. LOL! 😀

Group photo with Maine Mendoza

I may not have had the chance to say hi or talk to her personally, but I did get to join Maine Mendoza during the surprise birthday party thrown by her Solid Maine United fan groups. I still wish I’d get to talk to her some day. 🙂

I’ll be back for more updates soon! Ta-tah! 

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Meeting Marion Aunor

It has been awhile since I updated this blog. I guess you could say that sometimes life gets in the way. Nope, I’m not trying to makes excuses. It is what it is. Life goes on…

Well, I’ve been more actively updating some of my other fan sites more than this personal blog. I suppose you can surmise that fangirling is taking up most of my time these past few months. Hey, I’m human too. There are times when I just want to be entertained. 😀

This 2015 has been a bit life-changing for me. I recently updated my FB cover photo to highlight some of my happenings for the year. I can’t believe that a lot has taken place since January… esp. for someone ordinary like me.

My most recent happening took place last 29th November. I finally met in person my most fave female singer, Marion Aunor. She actually had a mall tour at my neighborhood mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall. Yiieee.. Ive been waiting for it for quite some time now. I’m just totally elated that the day finally came. The best part is, Marion knows me… well, knows of me anyway. She did say she’s been “seeing me online.” I love it when my fave artist shows appreciation that way.

I really love Marion’s music. For me, she’s truly a one-of-a-kind artist. I’m glad I got the chance to let her know that I really love her music. Her second album is now available on CD’s so do grab a copy of it. It’s so worth it! 😀 

I’ve posted the videos on my FB page, and I’ll try to add them to my Tumblr site as well. (Rose’s World) Enjoy the videos! Till next update…

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The 30-Day Challenge

Before I go on ahead to explain what I’m blogging about, I’d like to celebrate another passing year since I started this blog site.

happy 4th year

Yup it has been four years. It does make me wonder where the years have gone by. And I’m still here. ^_^ Okay, moving on, it has been a goal of mine to be able to blog or publish a post for 30 days straight. Somehow, that has stayed on my bucket list for awhile now, since I haven’t been able to accomplish it. In a way, this post is to celebrate two things… one, for my blog’s 4th year in existence… two, for finally being able to achieve the 30-day challenge! Yey!

You see, over a month ago, I helped set up this fansite blog over on Blogger. Yes, I’m a DiegoLiza shipper at heart — Diego Loyzaga – Liza Soberano shipper. That’s a local celebrity tandem that we’ve been shipping over on Twitter land. (@TeamDiegoLiza)

DiegoLiza Blog

So there it is! The DiegoLiza blog site is up on Blogger and so far, I’ve been able to publish one post a day. It has now been 37 days and counting. I guess it’s time to extend the challenge and see how far I could go to achieve more. It really feels great when I get to tick off an item on my bucket list. I suppose it goes to show that nothing is impossible if you set your heart on it. I just needed to find the right topic to write about. There’s a lot more that need to be accomplished and learned in life. For now, I’m enjoying every single moment, taking small steps along the way in this adventure called life. I hope that you’re enjoying your journey as well. 

There’s another weekend coming, and the second half of the year has started. Pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating the holidays once again. Till next update… ta-tah! Have a fantastic weekend! ^_^

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Life Goals for Another 365 Days

I was supposed to post this the day after my big day. No excuses, but life gets in the way. I’ve items on my agenda and I felt the need to do them first. You could say I’m OC that way.

Day 2 of another 365 days wouldn’t be a bad time to post this, right? I mean, surely, it’s not too late to set another year of life goals. I usually do a lot of reflections at the start of the new year. Sometimes, though, I make exceptions. I’m not planning on making huge and overwhelming goals. I just want to be realistic.

It’s interesting to note that just when I was thinking of setting new goals for another 365 days, I came upon this tweet on Twitter that I felt sort of called out to me. I couldn’t resist RTing and adding in my comment.

life goals

I will have to admit that it’s pretty generic. But it’s enough of a start for me. I post about it so it would serve as my guide and constant reminder of what needs to be done for another year. Then, I’ll take it from there. Hopefully, by this time next year, I would have accomplished things I only once dreamed of… whatever they are. I won’t turn this into a novel, so I’ll end it here. Let’s just welcome another year of new beginnings…

Till next update.. enjoy your weekend! Ta-tah!

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A Taste of Fan Fiction Writing

Hello again! I sure missed updating you. I’ve been caught up with life too much that I’ve admittedly neglected you. Well, here I am with some new updates. 

Actually, I needed a platform to post my work, so I thought why not use my own website, right? I guess the title provides a clue as to what I would be posting. I do not claim to be a writer, yet it’s been a long-time dream to be a children’s book author. But my baby has grown up into a fine young lady, so I don’t exactly have a character to write about anymore. Besides, I didn’t really have any intentions of doing fan fiction writing. Sure, it’s been a fad for the last few years. Even the Fifty Shades series started out as fan fiction writing. Perhaps this is just a passing fancy or it might turn into something serious. All I know is that there’s this nagging feeling for me to do this. So here I am. 

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction by me. It does not pertain to a real-life character, but it may have been inspired by another fictional character. Note that this is my original writing. Please do not copy without permission. 



“What? Is it morning already?” I groaned, as I turned to switch off my alarm clock. 7 o’clock. Great! I still have plenty of time for my class. So I just lay in bed for a few more minutes and think of how great life has been. Yeah! I’m Jack Fortes, 19 years old, a junior at Riley University, carefree, fun-loving, guitar-strumming heartthrob. No, I’m not bragging, but I’m just confident enough to know that I look better than your average guy. What can I say? I inherited my mom’s good genes.

I suddenly thought of Mom. I wonder how she’s doing in Japan. Sometimes I worry for her safety, but she says it’s the only way to provide for me and my future. I wish we could be together soon. That’s why I’m doing my best in school. Plus, my friends and I formed this band recently. I know we’ll have a great chance at winning the upcoming Tournament of School Bands.

So much for lounging around. I need to prepare for school now.


That’s it for now! I’m still working on the rest of the manuscript. It is a work in progress I’d say. I may need to revise a few more times too. For now, that’s a taste of my own fan fiction writing. 

Till next update… ta-tah! 😀

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Of Wishes and Bucket Lists

They say life is short. Simply so, time flies. Therefore, let’s not waste the little time that we have on this plane of existence. It’s been a few months since my last post. I know I’ve been procrastinating.. finding excuses for not writing a new post. I’m not justifying it with any other explanation except that I’ve been lazy and as of late, a bit too cooped up with real life issues. Admittedly, I sometimes don’t feel like sharing stuff from my life. Hey, it’s not like I’m too popular for people to read my stuff, but when it’s posted out there, the world can see it. There are times when I’m not up to it.

It makes me wonder why then would I want to talk about wishes and bucket lists. I guess in a way I believe in the power of the written word. You see, I do keep a list of items I would want to do, to see, to buy, and many more. I’m not obsessed with planning too much, but I like to have a list of simple and basic stuff that I cherish and value. It comes in handy.. like when the time is right, then I’d know what I’d want to do. You get the point I’m sure.

The year started in a strange way. You see, I feel that I’m gifted with some sort of psychic aura. I don’t know where it comes from, but I do get nagging feelings of stuff happening or about to happen around me — ones that concern me mostly. So the year started with my getting this feeling of something changing.. not a very good change but a change nonetheless. Two months down the road, I now know what it was about. In a way, I’d like to believe I was prepared for it. But I digress.

You see, the year started with me being able to fulfill at least two items from my bucket list. Firstly, there was the get-together with Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Gosh, if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know I’m such a huge fan of hers.. since TV5 Misibis Bay days. I had to wait more than a year to finally meet her in person! And yes I did get that photo opp that I’ve been dreaming of!

Dream come true… An item off my #bucketlist #MissWorld2013 #MeganYoung totally ??? her! #TeamBata #fangirl #PhotoGrid

A photo posted by ? Rosyel Sawali ? (@itsmeraincrystal) on

Imagine my surprise when two weeks after that meeting with Megan, I got a call ( a text message actually) from my fellow Global Kachoochays. There’s a get-together set with none other than KC Concepcion herself! Oh my! I’ve been such a huge fan of hers since she started her first modeling stint with Human eons ago. She was a teen star then. She joined the world of showbiz back in 2008, and since then I’ve dreamt of meeting her in person. Alas, it was a long wait, but really well worth it!


There’s a third wish and another item on my bucket list that I’m currently working on. And that’s Be-Anne’s Trinkets & More — my online shop that I’ve been dreaming of starting up. It’s actually up, but I’m still in the process of getting customers who would actually purchase some stuff from my store. (Visit my FB page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.) I’ve a long way to go.. and still have much to learn.. but if I don’t take that single step, I’ll never get anywhere.

Another major item on my bucket list is Travel. Yup, I dream of traveling to as many places locally as I could. I would also love to get a chance to travel the world more. That’s wishful thinking for now. But when the year started, I discovered a site called Postcrossing.com. It’s a postcard sending site wherein you sign up to send postcards to some random members. In turn, you’ll also get to receive postcards from random members all over the globe. It’s been almost three months since I joined, and I’ve more than a few postcards in my collection already. I post the details on my other blog site on Blogger, Random Thoughts on Rain’s Domain.

Well, this update has been rather lengthy. I’ll be back for more soon. Till next post… Ta-tah! ^_^

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Focus — My 2015 Catch Word

The turning of the year holds some important meaning for a lot of us. For some, it signifies a new beginning. Time to let go of the old.. time to embrace what’s new. For others, it may just mean a continuity of what has been started. I started my creative journal some time before the year ended. I continue on with it.. capturing my daily moments. 

It has almost been two weeks since the year 2015 started. I’ve noticed that a number of folks are quite obsessed with life planners. I must admit they look pretty good. At times, I’m even tempted to invest in them. However, I couldn’t just kid myself, knowing that I’m not really an “obsessed with my planner” type of person. In fact, I’ve stopped planning a long time ago due to a lot of reasons. I guess you could say that “age” is one of them. I simply prefer to jot down general ideas or events that I’ve done or been to. The rest simply slip by and become forgotten. That works well with me.

For this year, I’ve decided to do a bit of planning. To start off, I jumped on the bandwagon of  coming up with my catch word for the year — FOCUS! Yes, even at my age, there are lots of stuff I still want to do and achieve. But I know that I couldn’t possibly do them all at once. So yes, I need to focus on my strength, my goals, my dreams, my heart’s desire. 

On my creative journal, I came up with a simple formula to help me visualize on the idea. 1) Turn my dreams into goals; 2) Focus on my goals; 3) Achieve success. I like to keep things simple. It would be easier that way. I guess the hardest part would be the first step, where I expect a lot of challenges. Then, the second step, where hindrances may pop up along the way. Still, FOCUS is the catch word. That’s all I need to remember. What’s your catch word for the year?

All righty, now that I have a catch word, I’ll work on my bucket list next. But that’s a topic for another day! Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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