And I’m Back!

So my previous blog site was literally wiped out! It totally shocked me. I was I would say unprepared. However, rather than focusing my energies on cursing the one responsible, I decided to channel my positive energy on ways of bringing back my blog site.

Honestly, for a moment, I contemplated on letting go of this domain. I’ve had it for years, and my Internet marketing venture didn’t exactly take off. But I still enjoy writing and documenting some of life’s happenings. And so, for now, I decided I would stay.

Rebuilding a years old site will take time. I have time. I just need to focus and work hard on it. Little by little. Day by day. Plus, bringing back some of the highlights of my life’s journey will be fun. At least, I’m starting on a clean slate and didn’t need to clean out the previous blog. That for me would be harder.

So welcome back, self! Here’s to hearing more from you in the coming days, months, and years. Till next time……..